The Christmas Dare by Lori Wilde

Title: The Christmas Dare
Author: Lori Wilde
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4/5

After being left at the altar on her wedding day, Kelsey lets her best friend talk her into a “Christmas of Yes” which takes her to her hometown of Twilight where her ex, Noah MacGregor, happens to live. From the moment they see each other sparks begin to fly, but will Noah be able to get over the past and will Kelsey be able to pull out from under her mother’s grasp?

“Kelsey James, make a promise, make a vow. Gather your courage and do it now. I dare you.”

I chose this book as my holiday read and it was actually pretty good! The story itself was very cute and wholesome which was exactly what I was looking for. I enjoyed the build up of romance between Kelsey and Noah and was glad there wasn’t any unnecessary drama. Lori Wilde also threw in a few jokes here and there which kept things light and made the book even more enjoyable.

“Tonight, she was no longer straightlaced Kelsey James worrying about what the constituents would think. Tonight she was a woman who fully embraced her sexuality.”

The setting of Twilight and the boatel were perfect. Both gave the sense of sitting by the fire under a blanket with hot cocoa in hand. Twilight gave that cute small town romance feel that we all love in our Hallmark Christmas movies. It seemed like an ideal place to spend Christmas so I think it fit really well with The Christmas Dare

“Merry Christmas, Firefly.”

If I had to make any adjustments to this book, I would say Kelsey’s independence should have been more consistent at the start of the story. There were some actions that didn’t fit with her character which made it a little confusing. I feel Lori Wilde was trying to show her growth, but for me it happened a little too rapidly without any big influences.

Although the holidays are over, if you are looking to stretch your holiday season a little longer I recommend reading The Christmas Dare! Hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket are required.

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