The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh

Title: The Last Party
Author: Clare Mackintosh
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 5/5

A tiny town on the outskirts of Wales houses a divided community, those that live in the village and those that live at the new resort The Shore. On New Years Eve, after the big holiday party, the owner of The Shore goes missing and is later found dead. The village detective, Ffion must find who the murderer is, but she soon realizes that nearly everyone has a motive. Finding the killer will not be easy, especially when Ffion has her own secrets to hide.

“The lot at The Shore know how to throw a party. More importantly, they know how to invite the locals. Curiosity wins over grudges every time.”

The Last Party is a murder mystery that reminded me a lot of “Clue.” While Ffion is investigating and conducting her interviews, the reader is documenting their own clues knowing all the while that the murderer is someone who lives in the small community. I felt very motivated to figure out who the killer was before Ffion did and can happily say it was not an easy case to crack. I liked that Clare Mackintosh didn’t persuade you to think one particular person was guilty with hopes that it would throw you off and create a big ahhh moment at the end like some murder mysteries do. She laied out the story exactly as it would have been perceived if you were investigating it yourself. Every character was a suspect in my eyes. There were also smaller mysteries to solve throughout the story which made it even more engaging.

“Place like Cwm Coed needs four generations in the graveyard before you can call yourself a local.”

Clare Mackintosh did a great job with character development in The Last Party. Ffion was my favorite, but I especially liked how my feelings towards the secondary characters changed throughout the book. Some of them ended up being completely different from how I perceived them when they were first introduced. I think this made it much more realistic because when doing an investigation, you wouldn’t know who the person is until you look deeper into their lives and actions. A big part of solving the mystery was just getting to know the characters and deciding if they truly had what it took to kill the owner of The Shore. 

Do you have a murder mystery book that is your favorite? If so, comment below and I will be sure to check it out!

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