Last Light By Claire Kent

Title: Last Light
Author: Claire Kent
Genre: Post Apocalyptic Romance
Rating:  4/5

The world has gone up in flames after a global catastrophe hits, killing most animals and humans. After Layne’s last living family member dies, she decides to make the journey to one of the last remaining salvation camps. Along the way, Layne runs into Travis, a mechanic from her hometown. They decide to travel together to the camp in hopes that with their combined skills, they will survive the journey. The trip will not be easy and it may become more complicated when feelings get involved.

“Jimmy there doesn’t have a woman. He’d take real good care of you.” I dart a quick glance at Jimmy and fight to keep my face from changing expression. “No, thank you.” “Shouldn’t say no so quickly. Pretty girl like you needs a man.” “I have a man,” I say without thinking. “She’s got a man.” The voice follows on the heels of mine. Lower. Gruffer. Louder. Travis.”

Claire Kent did a good job writing this book. There were a lot of unpredictable plot twists and the character development was well thought out. I felt like I really got to know both Layne and Travis and each had their own personality traits that stood out. Layne was an independent young woman who still sees the best in people even though many consistently challenge this idea. Travis was a man who had lost everything and still had a strong sense of morals to protect those that he loved. I liked that the characters were so different, but complemented each other so well. It was easy to see why these two would work well together in a post apocalyptic world.

“Sometimes we gotta cry ‘bout the smaller things because the big things are just too big.”

The romance in Last Light was pretty good. I liked that it was a slow burn. Layne didn’t initially see Travis as being attractive, but as she got to know him more, her attraction towards him developed. The start of Layne and Travis’s physical relationship was a little strange to me, but it was still pretty spicy in some scenes. The only thing that annoyed me about their relationship was that I felt like the “conflict” in their relationship really wasn’t an issue at all. It was one of those situations where if they just had a conversation like adults, there would have been no conflict at all. Of course this would make all the juicy drama irrelevant.

The Last Light was a cute post apocalyptic romance book that I recommend you try. It had a really cute ending and it kept me engaged throughout. I love post apocalyptic books so keep your eyes out for other great recommendations!

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