Edge of Collapse

Title: Edge of Collapse
Author: Kyla Stone
Genre: Apocalyptic Fiction
Rating: 5/5

“Nothing that truly mattered in life came easily. That was as true before the collapse as after. Nothing was owed to”

After an EMP shuts off the power grid across the country, chaos breaks out everywhere. For Hannah Sheridan though, it is a blessing in disguise. Hannah was taken captive by a psychopath 5 years ago and with the power grid down, she is finally able to escape her prison. In her escape, she comes across veteran Liam Coleman. Together, they travel across rural Michigan in search of a safe haven. With the freezing winter weather and Hannah’s captor close on their tails, they will have to work together to stay alive.

“Love had to be earned. So did freedom. Sometimes it had to be earned again and again. If you weren’t careful, it slipped right through your fingers.”

The Edge of Collapse is a 7 book series. That may sound like a lot, but some stories can be skipped if you choose to. For example, the second book of the series is Hannah’s husband Noah’s point of view after the EMP hit, so it is up to you if you want to skip that one or include it. The series itself was a very engaging read. There were exciting moments throughout and the books were told from the perspective of multiple characters. Each character had their own demons that they were fighting which made it interesting to see how each of their stories played out. 

“She had read once about the mathematics of grief—how what was taken always weighed more than what remained.”

Kyla Stone also did a great job with character development in this series. A few of my favorite characters include Hannah, Liam, and Quinn. Every time one of them was in danger I would actually feel nervous because I didn’t want any of them to die. The opposite could be said about Noah Sheridan. I absolutely hated Noah’s character, but that was the point. Kyla Stone successfully created characters that readers could both love and hate. This makes the readers more invested in the story.

I found the Edge of Collapse series especially interesting because it was set in Michigan. I grew up in Michigan so a lot of the areas that Stone mentioned were places that I had been to. There were some fictional areas which she mentions at the start of each book, but the majority of the locations were accurate. Stone also included a lot of survival tips throughout the series such as how you can use Doritos as fire kindling, how to siphon gas out of a car, and how to use products such as baking soda and salt for multiple purposes. Not only did I enjoy the books, but I felt like I learned a lot.

My favorite book in the series was the first one. If you don’t want to read the entire series, I recommend you at least read the first one. You won’t be disappointed!

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