Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

Title: Those Girls
Author: Chevy Stevens
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 5/5

“You’re those girls”

Three sisters flee their home after their abusive father’s wrath takes a turn for the worse. With no money and nowhere to go, they drive to a small town, putting as much distance between them and their father’s ranch as possible. The town, however, provides no safety as they run into men even worse than their father. Trying to escape once again, the girls change their names and try to build new lives. However, their freedom is short lived as one of the sisters goes missing eighteen years later. They soon find themselves venturing back to the small town and facing unimaginable horrors that will force them to once again, fight for their lives and for each other.

As you may have seen in my About Me post, this is one of my favorite books. It is one of the only books that has actually made me shed real tears of sorrow. Those Girls displays physical and sexual abuse in a very raw way that makes it difficult to stomach, but this is what gives the book its strength. Chevy Stevens does not try and sugar coat it or leave it to the reader’s imagination. She paints each scene in excruciatingly vivid detail that will make you experience real feelings for the fictional characters.

“Beside me I could feel Dani’s body heaving and jerking as she also kicked out. Courtney was doing the same. We were fighting for our lives.”

Another strength of this book is that it shows how strong women can be. This book was published in 2015, making it ahead of its time. Although books with strong female characters are more common now, back then, finding a book where the female character didn’t play a damsel in distress was more difficult. The three sisters in this book faced horrific circumstances; Circumstances that would likely break most of us, but these sisters stayed strong and endured it together. 

This book is a very quick read and will keep you engaged throughout its entirety. If you do decide to read it, I highly recommend reading the Epilogue at the end. It is a great example of seeing the positives in every situation and not letting the horrors of your past define you. 

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